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Energy Balance - as more nutrients are metabolized energy...

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Energy Balance Amount of energy going into and out of the system is bigger in active people Better to create negative energy balance by increasing energy expenditure  through exercise, combined w/ slight decrease in energy intake Regular meals help maintain basal metabolism  Balanced diet contains appropriate amount of carb, protein, and fat   all of  which supply energy for physical activity and basal metabolism Energy and ATP Energy has to be converted into ATP   ATP powers all processes in body ATP transfers energy from nutrients to energy-demanding processes Food energy released from the chemical bonds of nutrients becomes stored in  the chemical bonds of ATP ATP consists of am adenosine molecule w/ 3 inorganic phosphate (Pi) groups  attached  As ATP splits into ADP and one Pi, stored energy is released from the broken  phosphate bond  Reaction in cell requires energy 
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Unformatted text preview: as more nutrients are metabolized, energy is used to remake the bond and add a phosphate group back to ADP, reforming ATP, and again storing energy Energy goes from nutrient to ATP to process, and the energy shuttle, ADP, is recycled Creatine phosphate- high-energy chemical compound used to store and release energy in the immediate energy system Body contains more CP than ATP Bodies relies on immediate energy system for short bursts of intense activity enhances body’s limited supply of ATP and extends its capacity for maximal effort NAD+- intermediary, formed from vitamin niacin, transfers high-energy electrons released from nutrients as they are metabolized to ATP FAD- intermediary, formed from vitamin riboflavin, transfers high-energy electrons released form nutrients as they are metabolized to ATP...
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