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THE EVOLUTION OF DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS Nutrient deficient diseases used to be more common Pellagra - disease caused by deficiency of niacin, a B vitamin Now we have more secure food supply and highly refined foods that have some  of their micronutrients restored through fortification   deficiency diseases are  less common Proportionality - balance. The relative quantities of various food groups  Chronic disease became most common cause of death   linked to intakes of  nutrients like fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, alcohol, and sodium 
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Unformatted text preview: People have started to die from too many nutrients rather than too few DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANS BALANCE, MODERATION, AND VARIETY balance ensures proportionality and adequacy moderation prevents excess variety helps prevent deficiency Suggests Americans be more active, consume less calories, make better food choices Balancing calories to manage weight Foods and food components to reduce Hypertension- high blood pressure Foods and nutrients to increase Building healthy eating patterns...
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