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Generalizibilty vs. Control - animal studies have a low...

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Generalizibilty vs. Control Generalizability-  the degree to which one finding can be assumed to apply to  some other group or situation  Control means that the only difference between groups of subjects is the  experimental variable you are researching  In nutrition studies, you need to control what subjects eat and how much, and  sometimes when they eat and how much they exercise  Generalizabilty is the question of whether what you have found in rats applies to  humans  Sometimes different species respond differently to a nutrient or drug, therefore 
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Unformatted text preview: animal studies have a low degree of generalizabilty Human studies have a high degree of generalizability Epidemiological studies have better generalizabilty than clinical trials It is important to conduct multiple studies, because any one piece research could be a fluke Sources of Nutrition Information Scientific journals that have a panel of experts who review each study before it is published Nutrition Action – consumer magazine Registered Dietitians (RD’s) expert nutrition professionals...
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