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Low-Energy Density Foods Reducing energy intake   lower energy density of your diet Energy density is the amount of energy, or calories, carried in a measure of food Eating foods with lower energy density usually ensures that energy consumption  is lower. Large volume, few calories.  Cut out fat because it has highest energy density Replace fat with complex carbs   starch should be biggest component of diet  it will meet your energy needs without overdoing it, and, by keeping your  glycogen stores high, you’ll have more energy throughout the day and be able to  exercise more consistently Should be unrefined grains and vegetables   keeping fiber intake high further  dilutes the calories present  Avoid too much sugar Limit alcohol Vegetables are dieal weight loss food   low in fat, low in carb calories, high in 
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Unformatted text preview: fiber, pack high nutrition in large packages with few calories Low density food makes it easier to eat more food for same number of calories Behavior Change Nature of our eating Bring to bear some conscious thought on how to deal with social eating, don’t avoid it completely We eat out of habit and routine Psychological forces can drive our eating can be used to nourish and nurture **Reduce non-hunger eating Make it Work for You Individualize Can work with an RD (registered dietitian) Public Health Strategies You cannot go with the flow if you want to be healthy society wants to make you fat Bicycles instead of motorcycles Skiing instead of snowmobiling Bring values in line with biological realities Secrets to happiness is to make your values congruent with the laws of nature...
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