Nerve Impulse Transmission

Nerve Impulse Transmission - Nerve Impulse Transmission...

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Unformatted text preview: Nerve Impulse Transmission Precursor­ a substance from which another substance is formed Neurotransmitter­ substance used to bridge the gap of the nerve synapse and transmit nerve impulses Synapse­ gap between nerve cells Nerve impulses traveling down the nerve must bridge this gap; they do this with neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters are released into the synapse from the upstream cell The transmission of the nerve impulse continues when the next cell takes up the neurotransmitter, and the message continues on along the nerve The neurotransmitter allows the body to put a spin on the message contained in the nerve impulse, moderating or amplifying it by having more or less of each neurotransmitter as desired allows more control Immunity Antigens­ foreign protein which trigger response by immune system Antibody­ immune protein used to attack foreign proteins When our immune system recognizes antigens on the surface of an invading organism, we respond with antibodies Energy Protein gets used as fuel 10% of our calories If glycogen becomes depleted, brain still need glucose gluconeogenesis production of glucose from amino acids turns body protein into carbs Even though protein contributes small amount of energy, it keeps your brain running ...
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