Black Power Movement

Black Power Movement - Detroit Chicago Milwaukee and Gary...

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o Black Power Movement- a growing sense of black militancy was taking hold in black communities, the majority of whom were young black men, driven by the new spirit of militancy, but more than that, fed up with white supremacy. “Riot insurance” – racial uprisings directly resulted in policies aimed at improving conditions in the ghetto, such as welfare payments, low-income housing subsidies, and job programs. o Police officers were taught how to deal with riots o Racial segregation can be measured by the degree to which certain groups are distributed throughout a city. Mid-Western cities are very segregated on the color line
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Unformatted text preview: Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Gary are 80-90% segregated Segregation of blacks is much higher than that of Hispanics or Asians, the darker your skin, the more segregated and poorer you are. Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Indians are more segregated than Asians. “ Hyper-segregation”-a term describing the observation that “black Americans in metropolitan areas live within large, continuous settlements of densely inhabited neighborhoods that are packed tightly around the urban core (Massey and Denton)...
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