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Cesar Chavez → migrant worker from Arizona emerged as an outspoken critic of migrant worker exploitation and organized workers, strikes, and nationwide boycotts to win contracts for poor migrant workers. United Farm Workers of America- a labor union dedicated to “provide farm workers and other working people with the inspiration and tools to share in society’s bounty”, won many rights for workers White Backlash- mounted in direct response to the Civil Rights Movement, fueled by conservatives and liberals alike. Alabama governor George Wallace stood on the steps of the University of Alabama to block the entrance, teaching Republican politicians that a lot of Americans will vote for you if you stand up for segregation, and, “Support white supremacy, but never explicitly” because people don’t want to go behind an overtly racist politician. o Coded Language to defend white power structure o When Nixon used it he caused partisan realignment , or shifting political
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Unformatted text preview: group Since this partisan realignment in the 1970’s, most whites are Republican and most nonwhites are Democratic Discursive Co-optation- politicians learned to appropriate the language of the Civil Rights Movement while promoting agendas aimed at dismantling the movement. Racially polarized- the majority of whites tilt toward the Republican Party and a majority of nonwhites align with the Democratic Party. Superficial Representation- the process of appointing to political positions nonwhites disconnected from the needs and problems of most nonwhite citizens. • Cares only about diversity in skin color, not diversity in political conviction Substantive Representation- the genuine political representation marked by a correspondence between the goals of nonwhite representatives and those of nonwhite citizens. • Requires political representatives from nonwhite communities who will help make change for those communities....
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