Class privileges - subject to monopoly” and guard that...

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Class privileges- those from India, China, Africa, Western Europe, and Canada tend to be well educated letting them become managers and higher paying jobs. Those from Latin American countries tend to have little education and respond to low wage work. Ethnic Enclave- a semi-autonomous economy, large or small, that is owned, operated, and managed by members of the same immigrant or ethnic community. Financieras for Dominicans award loans Immigrant woman play a key role Opportunity Hoarding- according to sociologist Charles Tilly, this occurs when members of one race “acquire access to a resource that is valuable, renewable, and
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Unformatted text preview: subject to monopoly”, and guard that resource from other members of other races. Disadvantage breeds Disadvantage- since blacks and Latinos are discriminated against when applying for jobs, many have a spotty work history, making them less attractive to future employers. Split Labor Market- according to sociologist Edna Bonacich, “a labor market must contain at least two groups of workers whose price of labor differs for the same work, or would differ if they did the same work”. • This is steered by the business elite, higher paid labor, and cheap labor....
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