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o Ghettos started because there were housing shortages from the Great Depression, federal law permitted racial segregation, and the Federal Housing Administration denied loans to many nonwhites. o Covenants- white home settlers could include in their deeds to their property covenants, which upheld the “desirable residential characteristics” of a neighborhood, restricting the purchase of land or property to certain religious and racial groups. Rendered legally unbinding in 1948 o Redlining- refusing to offer mortgages and home loads in nonwhite neighborhoods through this discriminating process. Name comes from lenders circling a red ink border around nonwhite residential communities. o To save money, slumlords ignored repairs and occupancy codes o After WWII, cities infrastructure such as highways, hospitals, and sewage were made to go trough nonwhite communities o Urban Renewal- first time in the country’s history that the government
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Unformatted text preview: was given the right to seize an individuals property not for its own use but for reassignment to another individual for his use and profit. o As the Civil Rights Movement gained way, nonwhites with some resources and savings accounts moved out of slum areas into those traditionally saved for whites. White Flight- by fearing racial integration, many whites sold their houses in the city and fled to the suburbs, in the 1950s Spurred on by deindustrialization Fear exploited by blockbusting agents, who scared whites, bought their houses for cheap, and then sold it to colored people for a higher price. Federal government supported this with the New Deal, Federal Housing Administration, and the Veterans Administration. As whites fled, they took their wealth with them depleting the cities tax base...
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