performance-c - Performance Metrics Purchasing perspective...

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ECEN 4593 1 ECEN 4593 Computer Organization Performance Metrics ECEN 4593 Andrew Pleszkun With much material from Prof. Mary Jane Irwin - PSU Performance Metrics Purchasing perspective given a collection of machines, which has the best performance ? least cost ? best cost/performance? Design perspective faced with design options, which has the bt f i t ? best performance improvement ? least cost ? best cost/performance? Both require basis for comparison metric for evaluation Our goal is to understand what factors in the architecture contribute to overall system performance and the relative importance (and cost) of these factors ECEN 4593 Performance and Cost Which computer is fastest? Not so simple Scientific simulation – FP performance Program development – Integer performance Commercial workload – Memory, I/O ECEN 4593 Classes of Computers Desktop computers Designed to deliver good performance to a single user at low cost usually executing 3 rd party software, usually incorporating a graphics display, a keyboard, and a mouse Servers Used to run larger programs for multiple, simultaneous users typically accessed only via a network and that places a greater emphasis on dependability and (often) security Supercomputers A high-performance, high-cost class of servers with hundreds to thousands of processors, terabytes of memory and petabytes of storage that are used for high-end scientific and engineering applications Embedded computers (processors) A computer inside another device used for running one predetermined application ECEN 4593 Growth in Cell Phone Sales (Embedded) embedded growth >> desktop growth Where else are embedded processors found? ECEN 4593 Throughput versus Response Time Response time (execution time) – the time between the start and the completion of a task Important to individual users Throughput (bandwidth) – the total amount of work done in a given time Important to data center managers Need different performance metrics as well as a different set of applications to benchmark embedded and desktop computers, which are more focused on response time, versus servers , which are more focused on throughput ECEN 4593
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ECEN 4593 2 Performance expressed as a time Absolute time measures difference between start and finish of an operation synonyms: running time, elapsed time, response time, latency, completion time, execution time most straightforward performance measure Relative (normalized) time measures running time normalized to some reference time (e.g. time/reference time) Guiding principle: Choose performance measures that track running time . ECEN 4593 Improve Performance Improve (a) response time or (b) throughput?
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performance-c - Performance Metrics Purchasing perspective...

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