physcis - weaker the magnitude gets As the distance...

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Lab 3 Magnetic Fields In this lab, we investigated the lines of force of a magnetic field surrounding a bar magnet. As we can see from the pictures below, the magnetic field lines start from the North end of the magnet and the endpoints lead to the South. And because of the magnetic field lines only move in one direction due to attraction and repulsion, the magnetic field lines should never cross each other. The magnetic field also shows field lines of a single bar magnets are closest at the poles, showing the magnitude as being strongest at these points and the further away they are the
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Unformatted text preview: weaker the magnitude gets. As the distance increases the field line gets weaker. In most cases the distance and the magnet are directly proportional whereas they are both respectively inversely related to the field. When discussing unlike poles the field has an attractive force between the two. On the other hand when using like poles they repel each other. A magnet with iron filings A magnet with opposite ends, attract A magnet with similar ends, repel...
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physcis - weaker the magnitude gets As the distance...

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