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Lab 3 - Lab 3 Vectors in Two Dimensions In this lab we...

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Lab 3: Vectors in Two Dimensions In this lab we dealt with vectors which are numerical values in a specific direction. Vectors are encountered in many physical quantities such as force and momentum. We were introduced to three ways in which to add vectors. Two of which are graphical methods which included the tip-to tail method and the parallelogram method, and the third was the component method. The force table used in this experiment allowed us to test certain angles and certain masses to find the resultant vector. First we found the vector components. Then we found the resultant of adding two vectors, and finally we added three vectors. We solved for the angle, mass, and force of the resultant vector by using the x and y vector components. We then solved for the resultant graphically by using a ruler and a protractor to graph the vector, then measuring each vector to find its magnitude and angle, and using simple conversions factors to find the mass from the force. To add the vectors and graph them we used
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