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Eliza Maknojia 6/6/2011 PHYS 1401 Lab 1: Graphing and Data Analysis The purpose of this lab was to practice organizing and graphing data in order to render it more useful. We also conducted an experiment using an incline and a full and empty bottle to determine which rolled the furthest under the influence of gravity. In doing so, our result indicated that the empty bottle rolled the furthest. Similar results was also observed by the other 7 groups, however their numbers were different which means the incline they set up may have been different. Not every group had the same values but the question of which bottle goes the furthest was answered. This experiment could have been consistent between groups by making
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Unformatted text preview: the procedure more stricter and detailed. For example by specifying the type of incline to be used, the surface from which it rolled, and the exact angle it needs to positioned at, we could have made the experiment much more consistent between groups. An example of a procedure that would lead to more consistent results includes: Obtain a 1 foot long flat incline surface of wood at 27. Place an empty cylindrical bottle at the very top of the incline, and label this position . Measure how far the bottle rolls and how long it takes. Repeat this procedure with the full cylindrical bottle....
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