PROF CRITICS-1 - AHPO Critiques Biology: BIO 311C/311D...

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Unformatted text preview: AHPO Critiques Biology: BIO 311C/311D Buskirk The course doesn’t go in depth but her tests are specific. Handouts are useful summaries of lecture and what to study for the exams. Feel free to ask questions and go to her office hours, she is really nice! Easy B, keep up to get an A. BIO 311D Levin/Gonzalez This class wasn’t too difficult, just have to take good notes and pay attention in class. Tests weren’t too tricky, and I don’t remember if there was any homework or not. BIO 311D Levin The class is boring and only useful if you’re an environmentalist but it’s required. Levin’s an odd character and expects class participation. Lectures are boring (he uses slides) and his tests are very specific. You need to know almost every detail. No curve. BIO 311C Batterton Batterton's lectures are dry and by the book although you have to go to them to take the cps quizes. He speaks ina very calming tone and is helpful in office hours. The workload is light and as long as you read the book, an A shouldn't be a problem. Nice teacher, very approachable, uses ppt for ALL lectures, 4 exams-all based on lectures, all short answer questions (exams in evening), and final, just use textbook for extra reference, pop qzs in discussion sections, 4 easy papers to write up-different subjects, basically a memorization class. BIO 311C Zhao This guy's lectures seem to put people to sleep and speaks with that famous Asian accent. If you don't miss more than 3 discussions, he will give you 3 points on your final grade. His tests are multiple choice with a couple of short answer that are worth 10pts, so as long as you read the book, an A should be had. Very NICE teacher, very approachable, all lectures are ppt, not necessary to go to class, can get them off his website, 4 in class exams + final, all MCQ/matching/short answer and diagrams, no quizzes, may be difficult to understand at times (turns on the music for us right before class). He plays classical music at the beginning of every lecture to relax you! He is very Chinese - his accent, the way he thinks and uses examples. All of his lecture slides are online, and those are all you need to know for his tests. He talks about what will be on the tests in his lectures so you should still go to class at least for that. A nice guy, and really cares about his students. BIO 311C Sathasivan Great prof for intro bio, uses CPS for participation, quizzes in discussion, in class exams- all MCQ, most study material is off his study guide, easy to follow BIO 205L Brand/Palmer/etc Lab reports for each lab of course, lectures were once a week, pretty boring (especially since I had them at 8 am). Practical at the end of the semester. We did stuff like electrophoresis, plasmid transfection. Not too hard. This was team taught with 3 teachers- Brand was a bit dorky and boring, the other guy who I can't remember his name had an annoying cough every 2 seconds, and Palmer was a pretty nice lady who was the best lecturer in my opinion.was a pretty nice lady who was the best lecturer in my opinion....
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PROF CRITICS-1 - AHPO Critiques Biology: BIO 311C/311D...

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