Exercise #5 Pre-lab - Name_Wendy Mei 1(5 points Briefly...

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Unformatted text preview: Name_Wendy Mei___________ 1. (5 points) Briefly explain the idea of differential centrifugation . What is the point of the multiple rounds of centrifugation? The idea of differential centrifugation is isolate different components of the cell. For example, the nuclei, the cell wall, mitochondria, or other organelles in the cell. The use of increasing force and time will sediment organelles based upon their size, with the largest organelle that will sediment first. The point of multiple rounds of centrifugation is to be able to separate the different organelles in the cell based on their size and density. Since some organelles might have similar densities, so they might sediment together. A method of purifying the sample that might contain organelles with similar densities is a density gradient sedimentation, which uses different solutions of different densities to obtain purer fractions. In this experiment, differential centrifugation will be used to isolate chloroplasts from spinach and the nuclei and mitochondria...
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Exercise #5 Pre-lab - Name_Wendy Mei 1(5 points Briefly...

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