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learning outcomes exam 2 - Lecture 10, January 30 Learning...

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Lecture 10, January 30 Learning Outcomes 1. Explain the fluid-mosaic model of membranes and the structures of the molecules that make them up. 2. Distinguish between lateral mobility of membrane lipids and transverse mobility (flip-flop). Explain the basis for lipid asymmetry observed in membranes. 3. List thee different ways proteins may be associated with membranes. Indicate how these proteins differ in physical properties, how each can be dissociated from the membrane. 4. Explain a hydropathy plot, how it is done, what information one can gain from it. 5. Be able to describe means by which membrane fluidity can be altered by altering fatty acid composition, by altering cholesterol composition. 6. Contrast the composition and physical properties of lipid rafts and the bulk of the membrane. Lecture 11, February 1 1. Be able to describe two methods by which mobility of membrane proteins is studied. 2. List three ways that membrane protein mobility can be restricted. 3. Describe what is done in SDS gel electrophoresis. How does each of the treatments used to prepare the proteins contribute to their denaturation? What is the value of denaturation of the proteins (and coating with SDS) before running on the gels. 4. List three means of passive uptake of solutes through a membrane.
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5. Calculate the G for uptake of K + by a cell when the external concentration is 5mM and the internal concentration is 140mM. Lecture 12, February 3 1. Calculate the G for uptake for a Na + ion if the external concentration of Na + is 140 mM and he internal concentration is 10 mM. 2. List three characteristics that influence the rate of simple diffusion of small molecules. 3.
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learning outcomes exam 2 - Lecture 10, January 30 Learning...

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