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MCB121 W12 L8 - MCB121, C. S. Gasser MCB121 Practicice...

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Unformatted text preview: MCB121, C. S. Gasser MCB121 Practicice Problem Set for lecture on Databases and Searching, Eukaryotic Transformation 1. You were given the protein sequence below by a professor who wants you to do an unergraduate bioinformatics project. You want to learn more about the sequence. Use the sequence to perform an appropriate BLAST search, or any other search necessary to answer the questions below. (note: please dont retype the sequence, it is available on the web pages associated with this lecture on Smartsite. You can cut and past it from there into the appropriate blast program. The web pages also include links that could help you out. Warning: dont print out the results of a BLAST or other search as it will be dozens of pages long!! ) malkpdlv nvikdvsppp lvvmsfsmkt mqnvqnhqhe iiamaalvhh sfaldkappe ppfqthfcvv skpkdcifpc dfkeviskkn mkveiaater tligfflakv hkidpdilvg hnicsfelev llqrineckv pywskigrlr rsnmpklgsr sgfgernatc grmicdveis akelihcksy hlselvqqil kterivipte nirnmysess yllyllehiw kdarfilqim celnvlplal qitniagnim srtlmggrse a. From what organism does the sequence derive? b. What is the name of the protein (or the gene encoding the protein)? Is the sequence you were given that of the entire protein? c. Are there sequences of homologous proteins, or genes encoding homologous proteins in other species in the databases? If so, give the names of the two DIFFERENT species whose sequences give the best matches. d. Is there a yeast (either Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Schizosaccharomyces pombe ) gene encoding a protein homologous to this protein? If there is one, name the yeast gene (or encoded protein) with the best match. 2. Vectors designed for production of stably transformed transgenic plant or animal cells almost always include a selectable marker gene. In contrast, vectors for transient gene expression assays almost never include such a gene. Briefly explain why the vectors for the two different procedures would have this difference. 3. Children with -thalassemia cannot make normal -globin for their blood cells. You want to use a normal -globin gene in gene therapy on a newborn infant to correct - thalassemia. State whether each of the methods below would, or would not be appropriate for use in direct introduction of the -globin genes into the patient. Very briefly explain your answers. a. Germ-line transformation b. Transient expression c. Agrobacterium-mediated transformation d. Knock-out mice e. A retroviral vector MCB121, C. S. Gasser 4. Match the lettered statements with the topics associated with eukaryotic transformation, below, by writing the letters in the blanks. Each answer can be used more than once, and...
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MCB121 W12 L8 - MCB121, C. S. Gasser MCB121 Practicice...

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