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WMS70 final mcqs - During the late 1800's what demographic...

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During the late 1800's, what demographic increasingly upheld the expected "norm" for acceptable domesticity, family lifestyles, and motherhood according to Nancy Shaw's "Cleansing Motherhood"? a. White, Catholic, middle-class families b. White, Protestant, upper-class families c. Any Raced, Protestant, middle-class families d. White, Protestant, middle class families What is the name of the local physician and medical advisor who argued that Chinese women were "saturated" with syphilis virus and planned to destroy American families by transmitting the disease? a. Nayan Shah b. Lisa Lowe c. Mary Sawtelle d. Emma Cable According to Nancy Shaw's "Cleansing Motherhood", active white female missionaries . .. a. Chinese women and Chinese prostitutes, and their "undomesticated ways" were a threat to the white American families and faith and needed to be eradicated b. believed that helping Chinese women would be a direct tool to social reform of the Chinatown society c. believed that Chinese women needed to convert their families to Protestantism and turn from their old ways or else otherwise be removed from the U.S. d. believed that the Chinatown society should be avoided as to protect themselves and their families from the sinful and undomesticated nature of the Chinese immigrants What was the name of one of the "successful" Mission Home graduates? a. Wong Lee b. Ngo Wing c. Amy Kaplan d. Lee Condit Which of the following is not a characteristic of transculturation? a) It recognizes that the coming together of a dominant culture and a minority culture brings about change to both cultures. b) Dominant and minority cultures shape each other to produce a new culture c) it recognizes that in order for the minority culture to exist, it must take on the characteristics of the dominant culture. d) It is an idea coined by Fernando Ortiz to replace acculturation. There are several Chinese stereotypes perceived of Chinese women in the 19 th century, which of the following was the main reason behind them being an easy target of Dr. Mary Sawtelle?
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a) Theirs was a bachelor Society b) They engaged in activities of the opium dens, gambling houses and brothels c) They were vicious prostitutes who conspired to to inoculate American families with syphilis d) Dr. Mary Sawtelle was just a major hater. Which of the following is the difference in agenda between Mary Sawtelle and the Presbyterian missionaries towards the Chinese immigrant women? a) Sawtelle thought the women could not be “fixed” and her goal was to expel them from the nation. Presbyterians acknowledged that the women were unsanitary but encouraged home visits to reform their hygienic conduct to Christian and civilized behaviors. b) Sawtelle acknowledged that the women were unsanitary but encouraged home visits to
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WMS70 final mcqs - During the late 1800's what demographic...

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