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Unformatted text preview: BIS 104 PQs 5 & 6 ans 2011 5. In Figure 1a the authors show data from a FACS analysis of LNCaP cells transfected with either a gene coding for functional β3 integrin or a non ­functional mutant integrin gene (S752P). Describe the RRESULTS obtained in this experiment. The transfected cells, both normal and mutant, expressed the integrin protein in their PMs. What may be CONCLUDED from these results? The transfection procedure was successful. The integrin gene was transcribed, translated and transported to the PM. What is the CONTROL for this experiment? Expression of integrin protein was analyzed in cells transfected with an empty (lacking integrin coding sequence) vector. See shaded peak area of FACS profile. 6. What may be CONCLUDED from the results depicted in Figure 1c? Since the tumors derived from cells expressing functional (capable of clustering) integrins are larger than those from non ­functional integrins, functional α5β3 integrin is required for optimal tumor growth. ...
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