BIS 104 PQ 13 Fall 2011

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BIA 104 PQ 13 Fall 2011 13. The lipid composition of biomembranes has a strong influence on the physical and physiological properties of membranes such as the plasma membrane of the cell. Among the membrane lipids, phospholipids play a major role in determining these properties. Briefly describe how each of the following lipid properties influences the nature of the plasma membrane: a) Phospholipids are amphipathic. b) The carbon chain length of the fatty acid component of phopholipids can range from short (14
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Unformatted text preview: CH2-) to relatively long (22 CH2-). c) The fatty acids can vary in their degree and pattern of saturation. d) Phospholipids with different polar head groups have different space filling conformations (e.g., PA is very different from PC). What effects do these different space filling properties have on membrane curvature and membrane fusion properties?...
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