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BIS 104 PQ 17 Fall 2011 - In Fig. 3d the peak production of...

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BIS 104 PQ 17 Fall 2011 17. In Figure 3, parts d and e, we see data from LNCaP and MDA cells grown in culture. The ELISA technique was used to quantify the amount of VEGFA protein secreted by these cells. a. What is the ELISA technique? b. What is vitronectin (Vn) and why is it used in these experiments? c. The results of the ELISA assays are expressed in picograms per milliliter (pg/ml).
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Unformatted text preview: In Fig. 3d the peak production of VEGFA by WT cells in the presence of Vn seems to be approximately 1,400 pg/ml. If the molecular weight of VEGFA is 20kDa, how many molecules of VEGFA are in 1 ml of the CM solution? d. What do the authors conclude from the data shown in Fig. 3d and e?...
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