BIS 104 PQ 18 and 19 Fall 2011

BIS 104 PQ 18 and 19 Fall 2011 - BIS 104 PQ 19 Fall 2011 19...

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BIS 104 PQ 18 Fall 2011 18. Figure 3f shows data from an experiment in which the conditioned media from cultured LNCaP cells was assayed for VEGFA protein by the ELISA technique. (a) What is the “integrin β 3 antagonist”? (b) This experiment is designed to satisfy which one of these three experimental criteria: plausibility, necessity, or sufficiency. Explain the basis for your answer.
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Unformatted text preview: BIS 104 PQ 19 Fall 2011 19. SCID mice were injected with WT LNCaP cells and the two weeks later, injected with either (a) anti-VEGFA antibody, or (b) control IgG. After an additional two weeks, the resulting tumors were removed, measured and examined microscopiclly (H/E stained histological sections). Describe the RESULTS of this experiment: What CONCLUSIONS can be drawn from these results?...
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