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BIS 104 PQ #24 24. The data presented in Figure 5 suggest that clustering of integrins in the PM of the cell stimulates VEGF expression. Remember that “clustering” in this context means that the integrin proteins must be induced to move laterally in the plane of the membrane as the fluid mosaic model would predict. Mutant S752P and WT α 5 β 3 cells were treated with β 3 activating antibodies and the effect on β 3 distribution in the PM of treated cells was analyzed by fluorescence microscopy. a. Describe the results for: Mutant cells: Wild type cells: In a related set of experiments the PM distribution of β 3 integrins was compared, again by
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Unformatted text preview: fluorescence microscopy, between WT and the constitutively active cell line expressing D723R integrins. b. What amino acids are exchanged at position 723 in the mutant? c. What were the results of this comparison? d. Do the results support the hypothesis? The effect of integrin clustering on VEGF expression was tested by treating WT cells with either soluble LM609 ligand (anti-β 3 antibody) or with cross-linked LM609 ligand. e. How was VEGF expression measured? f. Why do you think that the cross-linked ligand stimulated VEGF expression, but the soluble form of the ligand did not?...
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