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BIS 104 PQ 32 - β 3-associated p66 Shc d Phosphorylation...

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BIS 104 PQ 32 The conclusions that can be derived from all of the experimental data presented in Figures 1 – 6 in the S. De et al. article can be summed up in four simple statements: a. The activation state of α 3 β 5 integrin plays a critical role in tumor growth in vivo by influencing VEGF expression. b. Stimulation of VEGF expression depends on α 5 β 3 clustering, a function impaired by the β 3 S752P mutation. c. α 3 β 5 clustering promotes recruitment of p66 Shc and phosphorylation of
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Unformatted text preview: β 3-associated p66 Shc. d. Phosphorylation of p66 Shc is a necessary step for α 5 β 3-mediated potentiation of VEGF expression and tumor vascularization in vivo. Taken all together, these findings provide insight into the role of α 5 β 3 integrin as a regulator of angiogenesis and tumor growth. 32. For each of the 4 statements given above, describe the key experimental result(s) that support that particular statement. a. b. c. d....
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