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Haley Arenson Sharon Yam English 100 One of the most popular types of transportation in this day is flying on airplanes to near and far destinations. No matter the increase in cost to fly, people consistently continue to use airplanes as a main way to travel. However, airplanes also became a hazard zone with security threats of all kinds. It’s interesting to weigh the pros and cons of security and see the way in which security in airports has changed over the years. It’s fascinating because the security at airports affects almost everyone in the United States; it affects the rich and the less fortunate, the employed and the retired, the young and the old, the white and the black and the families and the single. Each and every one of these people is, in some way, direct contact with airport security. This beings so, there are many opinions and facts to show the pros and the cons of the extensive, invasive and costly security procedures that exist today.
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Unformatted text preview: The main, and most important, aspect and benefit to airport security is that it keeps all passengers protected from serious danger. Airport security was a process before the attacks on the World Trade Towers in 2001, however after September 11 th , security has been getting stricter at an exponential rate in hopes to keep everyone safe. In order to do so, the airports must take large actions to ensure that no dangerous items or people pass through the security checkpoint. These actions include different machines to scan not only the bag in which some one carries on with them but also the person themselves. According to ABC News when writing an article about the 9/11 anniversary, “ Eighty-four percent (of Americans) say increased security in airports and government buildings have been effective at preventing further attacks since 9/11, the highest-rated action taken” (Langer)....
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Portfolio 2 Draft 1 - The main and most important aspect...

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