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Arenson 1 Haley Arenson Sharon Yam- English 100 On December 17 th , 1903 was the first day that Orville Wright took the craft, that him and his brother, Wilbur, designed, for a 12 second flight. By 1904 Wilbur Wright was able to fly for the first time for more than five minutes (The Wright Brothers-First Flight). When the Wright brothers were creating the very first airplane, never could they once imagine that the airline business would explode so much that it would also become a threat to safety as well as a convenient way to travel. Airplanes have become one of the main transportation methods used these days. However, with all of the many people that use airplanes as a means of transportation, there are many concerns that arise as well. In this day, security in airports has become significantly stricter due to current events that have demonstrated that the airline system in America is a target for many hazardous attacks. It’s interesting to weigh the pros and cons of security and see the way in which security in airports has changed over the years. It’s fascinating because the security at airports affects almost everyone in the United States; it affects the rich and the less fortunate, the employed and the retired, the young and the old, the white and the black and the families and the singles. Each and every one of these people has, in some way, had direct contact with airport security, whether it be from them working in the airports, traveling for vacations, jobs, or to see loved ones. That being so, there are many opinions and facts to show the pros and cons of the extensive, invasive, protective and always changing security procedures at airports in America today. The strictness, and severity of security in American airports has a direct correlation between current events that have endangered and threatened our country. On September 11, 2001 Americans sat around their televisions watching coverage of four commercial airplane hijackings
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Arenson 2 by groups of suicidal terrorists who flew the airplanes into the two World Trade Center towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Virginia—only three miles away from the White House—and the U.S Capitol Building. Not only did this event take a toll on the American citizens, especially those who had loved ones that died, but also this was the moment in which airport security changed dramatically. “The events of September 11, 2001, have raised troubling questions regarding the reliability and security of American commercial air travel” (Frederickson 33).
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Portfolio Draft 1-REAL - Arenson 1 Haley Arenson Sharon...

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