Short Assignmetn 3- Teacher edits

Short Assignmetn 3- Teacher edits - Haley Arenson Draft 1...

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Haley Arenson Draft 1 Sharon Yam- English 100 Immigration is not something many Americans praise. Many think, why should we idolize a process that causes so much harm and hardship for not only the country but for all the people that suffer on their journey over? However, most of us don’t even know the extent of the hardships, the amount of chaos and the magnitude of misery that immigrants go through to get to North America. It has been drilled into our minds that people come to America for the soul reason to live the “American dream,” but the truth is that there are children migrating in dangerous ways on a treacherous path to North America for a very different reason. Sonia Nazario explores the journey of many kids coming to America in search for their mothers that left when they were young in order to support their family financially. Enrique’s Journey follows the story of a sixteen-year-old boy and his travels from Honduras to the United States. Sonia Nazario travels in Enrique’s footsteps as she adds information and background on the processes of the many children from Mexico and Latin America as she vividly shows the suffering they endure when crossing to find their family in America. Even from the beginning of her book, in the prologue, Nazario becomes a reliable source for the readers on the topic of children immigration by conveying an emotional connection along with switching back and forth using different techniques of writing and proving herself with a interesting technique of research methodology. The first way Nazario becomes a reliable source is that she uses emotional appeal and creates a strong trust between herself and her readers with valid information. Nazario uses an emotional connection by putting down middle-class or wealthy working mothers, whom many of her readers are, when she is speaking with Carmen in the prologue and Carmen explains the journey of children to find their mothers. “These women (middle-class or wealthy working mothers), she says, could tighten their belts, stay at home, spend all their time with their children. Instead, they
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devote most of their waking hours and energy to careers, with little left for the children” (xi). This is one of the first times in the book that Nazario uses emotions as a tool to make her readers feel guilty, interested and inspired in order to enhance the topic and show how the topic relates to her readers. Nazario also uses narrative stories about the journey that Enrique, and her as well, took in order to create a stronger emotional connection from the reader. When someone reads about all the hardship the children go through, it is undoubtedly that they will feel some response emotionally. “The next day, I interviewed Karen, a fifteen-year-old girl who had been raped by two gangsters she
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Short Assignmetn 3- Teacher edits - Haley Arenson Draft 1...

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