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Spring 212 English 100 (036) Sharon Yam Long Writing Project 2 For this project, you are required to choose an issue/question related to traveling, border- crossing, or displacement that connects to our course theme and class discussions. Have a specific audience in mind, and write an informative article (4-5 pages) that helps your audience make sense of the issue you are discussing by providing and explaining relevant information and perspectives. In your writer’s memo, please specify the rhetorical situation—audience, context, purpose—you are writing from. In your article, you should show or suggest why your topic is relevant and significant to your target audience. It is also important to provide your reader a roadmap at the beginning of the article: how you will summarize synthesize the information you have based on your interpretation and analysis of those sources. Remember that the goal of an informative article is to teach, analyze, and engage the audience on a specific issue—it is not meant to be persuasive. This article should help readers better
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Unformatted text preview: understand the nature of a problem, issue, concept, or question . It does not rely on the writer’s personal experience and thoughts. Instead, writers should collect and analyze information and different perspectives before offering the reader a way to make sense of the issue. Here are some suggestions on how you can organize your article (you should not attempt to do all these): -Carefully defining the problem to the reader-Comparing how different writers/scholars approached the question in similar or different ways-Examining the cause or the effects of the issue-Showing what and who is at stake-Demonstrating how people’s approaches/reactions to the issue change over time You are required to use at least five sources—two of which have to be scholarly . You can draw on documentaries, pamphlets, and interviews as well. All sources need to be carefully cited either in MLA or APA style....
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