Long Writing Projcet 3 - ENGLISH 100 SECTION 038 WRITING...

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E NGLISH 100, S ECTION [ 038 ] W RITING P ROJECT 3: A N I NFORMED O PINION Your final project will address an issue or question and help you develop a position in relation to it. You can use many kinds of research to complete this project. The goal is for you to get practice doing research, writing with research, and doing the kinds of intellectual work commonly expected in college and beyond. For this project, you’ll pick an issue related to traveling, tourism, or immigration. You may choose to write about the economic benefits of local tourism, or you may want to argue for the advantages of eco-tourism. While you can produce a formal 4-5 page essay based on the topic of your choosing, you can also develop other projects that you find significant. For example, you may compose and design a pamphlet persuading your peers to participate in study abroad programs. Or you may draft a letter to the senator advocating for immigrants’ rights. The bottom line is this writing project should be something that you are passionate about. Come talk to me if you have other ideas but are not sure whether they will fit this assignment.
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Long Writing Projcet 3 - ENGLISH 100 SECTION 038 WRITING...

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