Discussion-1 - Public= Private= • Care of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Public= Private= • Care of the dependents (children, elderly, ill disabled) • Produce public good (type of a positive externality) • One or more adults related (marriage, shared parenthood, partnership) • “free-rider” problem occurs when families decide to not have children use the benefits of other family’s children • Intimacy/Emotional satisfaction • Permanence • Pooling income • Usually live in the same household • “Boundary ambiguity” uncertain about who is actually considered family Discussion 9/12 • Do not fit public or private definitions o Families of choice o Fictive kin o Living apart together • View my own family as both public/private and fictive kin • 2 kinds of kinship o Created kinship= choosing family (internet family) o Assigned kinship= born into family • Marriage= monogamy (serial getting remarried) & polygamy (polyandry multiple husbands, polygyny multiple wives) • Descent=patrilineal (father’s line), matrilineal (mother’s line), bilineal (both) • Residence= patrilocality (husband), matrilocality (wife), neolocality (both new) • Authority= patriarchy (husband), matriarchy (wife) • Types= Nuclear family (husband, wife, children), Extended (nuclear and other relatives) Discussion 9/19 • Married based on love was inconceivable? o Based on survival economic arrangement o Public goods o Emphasis on security and united/ less on happiness and emotional gratification o Alliance between families o Love as “unstable” o Protection • What factors led to a change in this attitude? o Wage economy (Industrial Revolution) o Public goods outside of the family o Coverture declining...
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Discussion-1 - Public= Private= • Care of the...

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