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1-31 - o 4/10 cases are women 20-30 and 6/10 cases are men...

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Myasthenia gravis o Vision changes: diplopia, difficulty maintaining steady gaze, ptosis o Patients with generalized disease may also have: Swallowing difficulty, frequent gagging or choking Weakness or paralysis (may worsen over the day) Drooping head Muscles that function best after rest Difficulty lifting objects, climbing stairs Need to use hands to rise from sitting positions Difficulty talking, chewing o Hoarseness or changing voice o Fatigue o Facial paresis o Drooling o Breathing difficulty o 3/10,000
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Unformatted text preview: o 4/10 cases are women 20-30 and 6/10 cases are men 65+ • less signaling in shallow folds o acetylcholine comes out and falls into normal folds which allows for more time before acetylcholine binds to the receptor • in myasthenia gravis the junctions don’t signal as well as in a normal junction • Diagnosis o nAChR antibody titer o Tensilon (ardophonium) test o Jolly (3 Hz decrement) test • Treatment o AChE inhibitors o Immunosuppressant’s o Thymectamy •...
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