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Final Exam Review - Community and Group Models of Health...

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Community and Group Models of Health Behavior Change Exam Review Three inter related approaches to improving people’s health o (1) help them change their behavior (individual health behavior) o (2) focus on changing interpersonal interactions (interpersonal health behavior o (3) focus on the health of the community (community and group models of health behavior) Community and group models of health behavior change o Social ecology and social contexts o Diffusion of innovation o Community organization o Social marketing o Dr. Leventhal’s lecture Social Ecology and Social Contexts in Health Promoting CH 20 o What are the basic tenets of social ecology? (1) healthfulness of people in a community are influenced by multiple facets of environment and personal attributes (2) people and environments influence each other (3) people are often studied at various levels (individual, small group, organization, population) (4) transdisciplinarity o Systems in the social ecological model With each community you want to identify which social contexts are struggling and implement strategies that promote them Don’t need to know the social ecological model diagram, but know each of the systems Exosystem: Environment in which an individual is indirectly involved Extended families, community health services, workplace You’re not directly involved with your parents’ work, but how your parents function and how that context influences your parents can indirectly influence you Mesosystem: two Microsystems interacting Parent-teacher night, Microsystem: immediate environment that directly affects a person School, family, neighborhoods Macrosystem: larger cultural context Laws, values o Risks and protective factors Researchers using ecological models of prevention attempt to
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Final Exam Review - Community and Group Models of Health...

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