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HP 300 Exam Review - HP 300 Exam Review Individual Health...

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HP 300 Exam Review Individual Health Behavior o HBM (Health Belief Model) Perceived susceptibility Perceived severity Cues to action Benefits vs. Barriers Petosa & Jackson, 1991 (Using HBM to predict sex intentions among adolescents) Used model on 7 th , 9 th , 11 th graders Model was best for 7 th graders, maybe 9 th and 11 th had other external influences like peers o TRA (Theory of Reasoned Action)/TPB (Theory of Planned Behavior) Expectancy value theory Attitudes Subjective norms Intentions (Perceived control) Kassem et al, 2003 Understanding soft drink consumption among female adolescents using Theory of Planned Behavior Showed that model was predictive in terms of whether they would drink soda Attitude was strongest factor o TTM (Trans-theoretical model) Pre-contemplation Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance (9 processes) Carlson et al 2003 Predictive value of aspects of trans-theoretical model on smoking cessation in a community based, large group cognitive behavioral program Larger cons which affected decisional balance o RPM (Relapse Prevention Model) High risk situation Coping Self-efficacy AVE relapse probability Wheeler, et al 2005 RPM for sexual offenders
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Consideration for the abstinence violation effect What is health behavior? What are the abc’s of health behavior? o Affect, behavioral patterns, cognitive elements What are the categories of health behavior? o
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HP 300 Exam Review - HP 300 Exam Review Individual Health...

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