9-29 - 9/29/11 PATHS: Promoting Alternative Thinking...

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9/29/11 PATHS: Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies Two Personal Characteristics Important in Social Emotional Development o Self control of behavior: must bring the performance of the individual under the control of the individual o Managing emotional arousal: individuals must be able to successfully identify and manage affective responses to challenging social situations Paths tries to prevent kids from growing into having social-emotional problems as adults PATHS o Elementary school (K-6) curriculum to enhance social and emotional competence in children o Curriculum 3 units of 100+ lessons taught throughout elementary school 30-45 minutes per lesson 3-4 times per week o What is PATHS? Teaching children about emotions and cognitive problem solving skills (the emotion side is what was new in terms of programs) Develops a prosocial context that facilitates learning and educational processes in the classroom Takes a neuro-cognitive approach to self-control of behavior and affect regulation o Two systems of the brain related to self-control and management of emotion Limbic System Frontal Cortex o Executive Control (higher level frontal processes (executive function) can control lower level (like the limbic system)
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9-29 - 9/29/11 PATHS: Promoting Alternative Thinking...

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