11-10 - Community can be based on o o o o Geographic...

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Community can be based on o Geographic location o Shared interest o Characteristics like ethnicity, sexual orientation, or occupation o Ex. African American community, LGBT community, Teachers union, Community organization The process by which community groups (are helped to) develop and implement strategies for achieving identified goals that they have collectively set to overcome community problems o Can be community driven Faith based, grassroots, Can be research driven o Roots: political movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s o MLK created shared identity, nonviolent protests o Then & now: communities differ in their access to community (health) services Can also apply the same approach to health problems Three strategies for community organization o Locality development : stresses consensus and cooperation and building group identiy and sense of community. Why important? Provides networking, social support, etc o Social planning : stresses problem solving May use an outside “expert” Public health institutions working alongside communities to health them identify and overcome community specific risk Not politically oriented
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o Social action : concerned with achieving concrete changes in policy often through (non violent) conflict o Locality development, social planning, or social action? o Locality development and social planning: communities are trying to work together to directly change access to outcomes o Social action: communities become a part of the political process and say to those in power, “the policies at the macrosystem must provide the potential for us to better our health outcomes.” What to promote through community organization strategies
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11-10 - Community can be based on o o o o Geographic...

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