Geology Lecture 2

Geology Lecture 2 - since there was a lack of lizards....

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Geology Lecture 2 Parachuting cats onto Borneo was popular in the late 1960’s to prevent malaria. DDT was also used to stop malaria. The effects of DDT were devastating to the environment. The roaches accumulated the poison and passed it on to the lizards and cats (Bioaccumulation). New cats were parachuted in to control the rat problem but caterpillars began to destroy housing
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Unformatted text preview: since there was a lack of lizards. Renewable VS Non-Renewable If a resource takes more than 100 years to replenish, it is non-renewable. If it takes less than 100 years to replenish, it is renewable. Three types of resources Energy Metallic (electrical/thermal conductivity, malleable, ductile) Non-metallic Ethanol Mexican corn prices has soared in recent years (400%)....
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