Writing Assignment - Volpe (MGT 218) Spring 2011

Writing Assignment - Volpe (MGT 218) Spring 2011 - Writing...

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Writing Assignment – Spring 2011 Legal Environment of Business I (MGT 218) Volpe (January 19, 2011) Writing Assignment : As indicated in the course syllabus, this writing assignment will be worth 15% of the grade. The paper is due no later than the start of the class session on Friday, April 8, 2011 . Writing assignments will not be accepted after that time. You may either hand in a hard copy of the writing assignment to me in person when you arrive in class or – if on a date prior to that day -- deliver such a copy to my office in Room 105. (Do not simply drop off the paper on some desk or in my in-box: if you do not hand the paper to me directly, you must have someone in my office indicate the time and date you submitted the paper and ask them to initial that notation). NOTE: Please be sure to also read and review the“ Guidelines for Academic Papers.” This is a separate document that the course instructor will provide to you. The requirements for the writing assignment are the following: 1. You must discuss a specific substantive (not procedural) U.S. business law topic that is covered in the syllabus for this class this semester by starting with reference to a legal issue that is raised in a “springboard” article of your choosing that has been published recently (July 1, 2010 or later ) by a major respectable business or general media periodical or newspaper (e.g., The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Investors Daily, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, The Economist, The New York Times, The Washington Post ). Articles from most industry publications as well as brief online articles or other short articles from print or electronic sources are not acceptable . a. The “springboard” article you choose should highlight a claim or case or discuss several claims or cases on some substantive U.S. business law topic covered during the semester . The articles that work best as “springboards” are longer, substantial articles that explore a topic in depth. For example, a cover article in a magazine or a front page or major feature article in a newspaper on your topic will often provide you with a substantial “springboard” article. b. The goal is to use the chosen article as a “springboard” for further research (i.e., other articles, books, discussions of cases) on the topic, all of which should be discussed in the paper. 1) Your research should lead you to discussions in other recent articles of specific, actual U.S. substantive business law claims, cases and issues that are either pending or decided to illustrate your points about your chosen topic . 2) Do not digress into discussions of procedural law, policy, processes, economics, history, or a particular technology. Your paper must focus on a discussion of a substantive U.S. business law topic. 3)
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Writing Assignment - Volpe (MGT 218) Spring 2011 - Writing...

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