Writing Assignment Example Topics (Spring 2011)

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Legal Environment of Business I MGT 218 Spring 2011 Writing Assignment Example Topics This is a listing of topics chosen by MGT 218 students in previous semesters. Topic ADR/ Arbitration Breach of Contract Comemrcial Free Speech Copyright Covenants not-to-compete Cybersquatting Embezzlement Employee Privacy Rights Employment Discrim: Age Employment Discrim: Disability Employment Discrim: Race/Ethnicity/Color/National Origin/ Religion Employment Discrim: Gender (Sex)
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Unformatted text preview: Employment Discrim: Sexual Harassment Ethics Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Franchising Fraud Independent Contractors Insider Trading International Jurisdiction Interstate Commerce Clause Mergers & Acquisitions Money Laundering Negligence Occupational Safety Patent Punitive Damages Sarbanes-Oxley Securities Fraud Strict Product Liability Supremacy Clause Trade Libel Trade Secrets Trademark Union Law Wage and Hour Laws Whistleblowing...
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