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Proof Tips - Proof Tips Be very familiar with the different...

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Proof Tips Be very familiar with the different methods of proof, but do not necessarily begin immediately to try to figure out which one to use (that is, don't panic!). Think "direct proof," unless observations suggest otherwise. For example, a direct attack may not suggest much, but considering ~S seems important, or ~S seems clearly false. Or, perhaps a direct proof looks difficult or messy and considering ~Q => ~P looks more fruitful. In particular, some proofs inherently involve a "not," such as trying to show that something is not true or trying to prove a number is irrational (defined as not rational). Contradiction and contraposition sometimes work very well in such a situation. On the other hand, some people become very enamored with proofs by contradiction and contraposition and use them when a direct proof is simpler and much clearer, so be careful. Keep in mind what you know (what you are allowed to assume), but consider carefully what you need to prove and what must be shown to prove it , and proceed in a deliberate fashion. That is, you must be aware of how to prove what you need to prove, this must direct the way you go about your proof, but beginning by using what you know may put you in a hole from which you cannot recover. So, consider carefully what you must demonstrate in order to prove what you wish to prove, and let that direct how you use what you know. Do not feel that everything must flow naturally from the start. That is, you might not necessarily see immediately how to get to your conclusion from what is given and what you know. Instead, as you engage in trial and error, pieces of the puzzle start to become
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Proof Tips - Proof Tips Be very familiar with the different...

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