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BIS2C_W12_LectureSchedule_FINAL - Date Mon Mon Wed Fri...

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Date Topic 9th ed Reading Lab Topic PrepU due Mon Jan-9 Introduction to tree of life Ch. 22.1, 26.1, 1.2 Intro to Lab NS/PW Mon Jan-9 Phylogenetic concepts and terminology Ch. 22.1, 22.4; Ch. 23 recommended PW Wed Jan-11 Estimating trees Ch. 22.2; Ch. 23 recommended PW Fri Jan-13 Estimating trees (cont'd) & applications Ch. 22.2, 22.3; Ch. 23 recommended PW Mon Jan-17 MLK Holiday Wed Jan-18 Rooting the TREE OF LIFE Ch. 22; Ch. 23 recommended Phylogenetic Methods NS Ch 22 Fri Jan-20 Ch. 1.2, 5.2, 5.3, 26.1, 26.3 DR Ch 26 Mon Jan-23 Bacteria and Archaea: Reproduction Ch. 11.1, 12.6, 16.1, 26.1, 26.3 Bacteria and Archaea DR Mon Jan-23 Bacteria and Archaea: Biology Ch. 26.2, 26.5, Supplemental readings DR Wed Jan-25 Bacteria and Archaea: Diversity DR Fri Jan-27 Ch. 26.6, Supplemental readings DR Ch 27 Mon Jan-30 Human associated microbes Ch. 26.5, Supplemental readings DR Mon Jan-30 Microbial eukarote diversity Ch. 27.2, 27.3, 27.5 Microbial eukaryotes DR Wed Feb-1 Life cycles and Endosymbioses Ch 27.1, 27.4 NS Fri Feb-3 Ch 28 NS Ch 28 Mon Feb-6 Non-vascular plants Ch 28 Plants I NS Mon Feb-6 Vascular Plants (Tracheophytes) I Ch 28
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