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1 BIS2C Winter 2012 (Ward) Lecture 28. Bilateria Today’s lecture (5 March) postscript to Cnidaria introduction to Bilateria more on animal development formation of mesoderm, body cavity bilaterian diversity Wednesday’s lecture Mollusca BIS2C Winter 2011 (Ward) Lecture 28. Bilateria Phylogenomics (application of genomics data to phylogeny) is revolutionizing the tree of life Hi h t t h t d i t h i Here is a short paper that discusses this (available as “Supplemental Reading” on SmartSite): Pennisi, L. 2011. Tracing the tree of life. Science 331 :1005-1006. Mutualism between: (1) sea anemone (2) clownfish (anemonefish) Cnidarian postscript: what we have learned from Nemo Clicker Question 1. Why is the clownfish not harmed by the sea anemone? a. The fish is immune to the toxins of the nematocyst. b. The fish absorbs the toxins, but stores them in special non- reactive tissues. c. The fish produces compounds that inhibit firing of the nematocysts. d. The fish hovers just outside the firing range of the
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2 Jellyfish stings are a serious problem. a single jellyfish tentacle is loaded with massive numbers of stinging cells >2000 nematocysts will penetrate one square millimetre of human skin during contact with a jellyfish tentacle Playing the clown A concept based on the understanding of the jellyfish stinging mechanism and clownfish protection is behind the development of dual sun/sting protection technology. Amit Lotan and Naomi Dahan explain how From: April 2006 issue of Soap, Perfume and Cosmetics From web site of a skin products company ( If a Clownfish can play hide and seek unharmed by marine stingers, why can't swimmers? Clownfish have a protective coating that neutralizes the firing mechanism in the stinging cells. After ten years of extensive biotechnological research by Israeli scientists, it is now possible to protect yourself against the stings of most jellyfish, jellyfish larvae, coral and sea anemone. Godiva Safe Sea
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BIS2C_Lect28_Ward_Bilateria_ppt - BIS2C Winter 2012(Ward...

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