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1 BIS2C: Biodiversity and the tree of life Lecture 1: Introduction to the tree of life Today s lecture Personnel and course info What is the tree of life ? Topics to be covered in this class Tree terminology and concepts Later this week: Building phylogenetic trees Biodiversity and the tree of life •G o a l s – Recognize and know the amazing diversity of life that surrounds us – Understand the evolutionary relationships and history that connect all organisms – Learn how to analyze these relationships with tree thinking and phylogenetics People • Faculty – Neelima Sinha ( – David Rizzo ( – Phil Ward ( • Course Staff – John Cozza ( – Hoorin Sandhu ( •TA s Information regarding lab manual SENT by email!!! Course Information • Smartsite – Syllabus and schedule • Information on exams, grading, lecture schedule, reading, and much more. READ IT! – Course announcements and handouts • CHECK your UCDAVIS email! – Will post lecture slides and podcast within ~ 24 hours. – Link for pre-lab submission – Chat room Schedule Section A : MWF 2:10 - 3:00 in SocSci 1100 and Discussion - M 6:10 - 7:00 in SciLec 123 Section B : MWF 3:10 - 4:00 in SocSci 1100 and Discussion - M 7:10 - 8:00 in SciLec 123 • Faculty Office Hours in SLB 3089 Tue 12-1 PM Wed 4:10-5 PM (Only the instructor currently lecturing will hold office hours) •E x am s – Feb-13 Midterm1 – Mar-5 Midterm II – In class quizzes – marked on syllabus!!! – Mar-21 Cumulative Final Exam - Sect. A 6:00-8:00 pm – Mar-24 Cumulative Final Exam - Sect. B 6:00-8:00 pm NO MAKE UP / ALTERNATE EXAMS/quizzes
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2 In Class Quizzes • We will post study guides for these OPEN BOOK quizzes. • Quiz dates are listed on the course schedule. • There will be 7 quizzes during the quarter - 6 highest scores will be used. • The quizzes at the START of the listed period, will USE CLICKERS. It is your responsibility to ensure that your clickers are functioning and have batteries. • Cumulatively, the in-class quizzes are almost equal to a midterm in point value. NO MAKEUP QUIZZES Resources to help YOU • Textbook: – Recommend reading it both before and after lecture – 9th edition • Podcast – Not a substitute for coming class. Come to class and then use the podcast to help fill in your notes.
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BIS2C_Lect1_Ward_Intro_ppt - BIS2C: Biodiversity and the...

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