3.+CA+lgs+prehist - 1/22/12 Linguistic Prehistory of...

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1/22/12 1 Linguistic Prehistory of California For NAS 10 use only Evidence for California Linguistic Prehistory • comparison of languages spoken at contact • examination of relationships with families outside California • identifying loan words • comparing languages with archaeological evidence Linguistics and Archaeology • associating archaeological & eth/ling change – material culture (tools, weapons, food) – settlement patterns – estimated population density – burial patterns – human physical remains • associating spread of material culture features with ethnic/linguistic spread • looking at primary and secondary exchange/ trade patterns for evidence of contact and travel California Diversity • result of being an early entrance point for migrations across the Pacific? • Nichols suggests – earliest entrances – movement then toward south – then north into eastern North America • Evidence – less diversity in East • in language stocks and families • in linguistic typology
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3.+CA+lgs+prehist - 1/22/12 Linguistic Prehistory of...

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