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Unformatted text preview: 1/22/12 Shawnee Women Chu-Lun-Dit "I remember as a child, I never said `I'm going to be an artist' or `When I grow up I will be.' I always said, `I am.' I never thought that was unusual, but I guess it was," Jones said in a phone interview from her Muskogee home. She is a champion hoop dancer, war dancer and excellent cook. Biographical Information Born in Claremore, Oklahoma, on June 8, 1939 Raised in a "traditional Indian family," she attended Bacone College High School and received an associate degree from Bacone in 1970. After receiving a bachelor's degree in fine arts from the University of Tulsa in 1972, she earned a master's degree from Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, in 1989. Jones has worked in a variety of media, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pen and ink. She generally adheres to a traditional two-dimensional "flat" style, with images placed in negative space or blank background. 1 1/22/12 About the artist... Her works focus on the traditional American Indian ceremonial and social events Recorded in paintings, drawings, limited edition prints in linoleum block, woodcut, and serigraphs Her works have been published by Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma, The University of Oklahoma Press, The Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C., Time-Life Books, Syracuse University, "Futures for Children", Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the United States Department of Justice Annual Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect Professional Positions Director Emeritus and Associate Professor of Art, Bacone College, Muskogee, Oklahoma, since 1979. Appointed Commissioner of Indian Arts and Crafts Board (IACB) January 10, 2011 by Department of the Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar. Past advisory positions have been with the Chicago Art Institute, Oklahoma Historical Society, and Advisory Committee to the Director of the Sam Noble Museum, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma She served as a panelist at the British Museum, London, England, United Kingdom Recent Exhibitions The UTSUNOMIYA Museum of Art, Utsunomiya, Japan "Arts in Embassies", Kampala, Uganda, Endicott College, Beverly, Massachusetts Cherokee Art Market 2011, Cherokee Casino, Tulsa, Oklahoma Red Earth Master Artists Exhibit 2011, Red Earth Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Select Collections Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK Museum of the American Indian, New York City, NY United States Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. John H. Williams Center for Performing Arts, Tulsa, OK Hampton University, Hampton, VA BlueEagle Collection, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. Avery Collection, Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ Brown Collection, Sam Noble Museum, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Other private collections 2 1/22/12 Subjects Her paintings' subjects derive from her personal experiences, and she concentrates on painting Indian women in dance attire She places them in various ceremonial or spiritual contexts, such as powwows, stomp dances, and meetings of the Native American Church She continues to make art in what is known as the traditional style, creating flat paintings that depict American Indians in customary dress and activities. "Most of the young people no longer paint in that style, and most of them have kind of considered it cliche ... but it's part of the history. It's how Oklahoma Indian artists came to be established. http://www.rutheblalockjonesindianart.com/ Shawl Dancers 3 ...
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