Ans - p(a)=number of person in 18-22 age/total number of person=183/183 140 99=>.43364 p(b)=number of non-smoker =total non smoker=124 106 77=307

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183 peoplein the 18-22 age bracket 59 smokes then non smoker=183-59=124 pobabiity of non-smoker=124/422=.29383 140 peoplein the 23-30 age bracket 34 smokes then non smoker=140-34=106 99 peoplein the 31-40 age bracket 22 smokes then non smoker=99-22=77 total non smoker=124+106+77=307 tota non-smo pobabiit=307/422=.7274 p(a intersection b)=p(a)+p(b)-p(aub)
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Unformatted text preview: p(a)=number of person in 18-22 age/total number of person=183/183+140+99=>.43364 p(b)=number of non-smoker =total non smoker=124+106+77=307 tota non-smoker pobabiit=307/422=.7274 and we have P(aub)=.29383 then according to the formula. . p(a intersection b)=.43364+.7274-.29383=.86721...
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