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QSO 510: Module 10 Homework Notes: 1. Before doing this assignment, do the practice problem posted under Apply and Discover. 2. Word-process your solutions within this template. Do not create a new file. 3. Show all steps used in arriving at the final answers. Incomplete solutions will receive partial credit. 4. Word-process formulas using Equation Editor and diagrams using Drawing Tool. Textbook Problem 11.15 During the dinner hour, the distribution of the interarrival time of customers at Burger Barn is estimated to be as follows: Interarrival Time Probability 30 seconds .45 60 seconds .25 90 seconds .15 120 seconds .10 150 seconds .05 Sixty percent of customers pay with cash, while 40% pay with credit cards. The service times of the cash
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Unformatted text preview: and credit card customers are estimated to be as follows: Cash Credit Card Service Time Probability Service Time Probability 20 seconds .35 30 seconds .20 40 seconds .30 60 seconds .45 60 seconds .25 90 seconds .25 80 seconds .10 120 seconds .10 Simulate this system for 20 customer arrivals and determine the average time a cash and credit card customer must wait in line before paying the cashier. Use the first two numbers in column 5 of Appendix A.1 (page 558) to determine the customer interarrival time, column 6 to determine whether the customer pays with cash or credit, and column 7 to determine the service time. QSO 510 Homework 1...
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