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Student Name: İbrahim Akçakaya #7392 Lab Session: A (this week) Date of Submission: 17/10/2007 ENS 203 LAB # 1 OPERATING THE INSTRUMENTS Post Lab Evaluation 1) No, calibration of the oscilloscope and function generator may be different. Function generator may have problem in giving the desired voltage due to frequency. Neither of them is fully trustful. But oscilloscope is the one which we must trust, it is better. AC source is accurately 220V. 2) By using the AC coupling, so DC signals will be removed. 3) The reason is clipping. Clipping is a form of distortion that limits a signal once it exceeds a threshold. 4) Trigger is used to maintain a steady trace on the screen. The slope control determines whether the trigger point is on the rising or the falling edge of a signal. A rising edge is a positive slope and a falling edge is a negative slope.   5)
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