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1 - With the development of technology the nature of...

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With the development of technology the nature of pornography has changed. Video recorders and digital cameras have made the production of pornography much easier and cheaper, and the risk of detection minimizes, because you do not need a photography shop to print your photographs or record your picture. (how can s/he know that the production gets cheaper) Reproduction is also improved. Digitalised images do not age or lose their quality through copying. The distribution of pornographic images has become easier, cheaper and faster through the Internet. As the Internet bypasses national boundaries and laws, detection and prosecution becomes increasingly difficult (any kind of proof or source) . The Internet is one of the most prevalent tools used by pedophiles to share illegal photographic images of minors and to lure children into illicit sexual relationships. The Internet help the pedophiles to seek their victims and find them easily (he could have shown a rate of finding criminals) .
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