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2 - about human rights so more people can adapt to human...

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The Human Rights Association of Turkey has many strategies and tactics to achieve their aims. The organization publishes statistical data about violations of human rights month by month and year by year. Some examples from the violations of 2003 were: 13 people died and 7 people injured because they did not stop when the security forces told them to stop; 458 people are injured and beaten up by police force because they took part in demonstrations; 3545 years 3 months of prison given to 882 people who only declared their thoughts. There are many examples like these statistical data which help to show society how human rights are violated, and to encourage people to think about solutions to Turkish society`s main problem. (İnsan Hakları Derneği, 2001) Another tactic that is used by Human Rights Association of Turkey is to organize campaigns
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Unformatted text preview: about human rights so more people can adapt to human rights and humanistic ideas can spread easier. One example of these campaigns was “Freedom of Ideas, which was about expressing ideas without any fear of being killed or tortured. Another example of campaign which the Human Rights Association of Turkey organized was, the campaign of “Removal of the Death Penalty”, to protect the right to live that every individual has, and to point out the importance of dependence of other human rights on the right to live. There are many other writings, essays, publications, statistics about European Human Rights Court, and the Human Rights Association of Turkey uses these tools to show society the importance of human rights. (İnsan Hakları Derneği, 2001)...
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