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3 - Successes And Failures Of UNAIDS UNAIDS organization...

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Successes And Failures Of UNAIDS UNAIDS organization has made great improvements against the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Uganda according to the Progress Report on the Global Response to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic(2003).This report shows that the rate of spreading in Uganda decreased from 30% ( early in the 1990s) to 9% (2002). In the Secretary General’s address to the plenary session of the General Assembly on the follow up to the Declaration of Commitment on HIV (22 September 2003),it can be seen that serious accomplishments have been made to fight against HIV/AIDS.In this speech,UN General Secretary Kofi Annan points out the pledgements of significant new resources by individual Member States and through the Global Fund Against AIDS,Tuberculosis and Malaria.He adds that 103 countries gave information to UN about the fight against AIDS.And the vast majority of these states have serious multi-sectoral national strategies to fight AIDS.Also he claims that the fund has commited 1.5 billion dollars to 93 countries soon after
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